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Classes Fall 2020 - Covid-19 Update

The Canadian Power & Sail Squadron is not offering any in-person courses at the moment due to the Covid situation. However, many on-line, self-study and free webinars are being offered. You can look at what is available by going to the national website: Looking across the top of the Home Page click on "Courses and Seminars". Then click on the first item, " Boating Course & Seminar Calendar". If you go down that page to items 07 and 09. it will show you what is on line and what is available for self-study. I don't know which courses you are looking for but B1, the PCOC course is available just about any time. B2, or Beyond Boating Basics is being given presently out of Prince George on Monday nights, 7:00PM - 8:00PM. You missed the first two sessions but if you still wanted to get in on it, which I suspect you could as it is a self paced learning program, you should contact Barry Smith in Prince George at 250-964-9126 or The format is a review on Monday nights of the past two or three chapters that were assigned, a Q&A session, then an overview of the chapters to be studied for the coming week. All the material is on line in the form of videos and Power Points, and can be watched at any time, day or night. In addition to these two courses, there is a series of free webinars this fall. These can be found on the same Home Page where you found the previous courses. Instead of clicking on " Boating Course and Seminar Series", click on "Webinar Series". There you will find two remaining topics this fall - "Tropical Weather for the Winter Boater" - 11 November, and "Tides & Currents" - 9 December. To watch these simply register on the hot link that is shown.


Tides and Currents

Anyone who does all or most of their boating on our oceans, must have an intimate knowledge of the natural cycles of the tides, and the sometimes dangerous currents they can generate. This seminar cannot cover every detail of tides and currents, but is an overview of tidal basics and is an excellent primer for the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons courses, Near Shore Marine Navigation Level 1 and Level 2. Inland waters, such as the Great Lakes do not experience tides, but there is a short section in the seminar dedicated to the “seiche,” a natural, irregular phenomenon, that causes tide-like changes in water levels in these waters.

Please register for Tides and Currents on Dec 9, 2020 8:00 PM EST at:

Note: Registration includes receiving a link to the recording of the Webinar (viewable for 1 month) and the ePub of the seminar, whether you are able to attend or are prevented from attending (Webinar is full or you are unavailable).



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