Dear Members,

 As indicated in the last Nautical News, the GYC has purchased a “Club Boat” which is a 28 foot Grampian sailboat with moorage in Gibsons Marina.  A description of the boat is attached to this e-mail.  The club boat was one of the recommendations coming out of the club survey undertaken earlier this year and the Board feels it is a very worthwhile investment of time and money by GYC.

 It is hoped that the Club Boat will be of interest to the following groups of people that may become “Club Boat Members”:

 1/  Existing Social Members that want to get out on the water and/or cruise with club members.

 2/  Younger families and novice boaters that aren’t ready to make the financial commitment of full boat ownership.

 3/  Older boaters who want to retire from full time boat ownership but that still have an interest in getting out on the water.

 The Board has decided to charge members who want to become “Club Boat Members” an annual fee of $500.  (Non-members will have to join GYC in order to become Club Boat Members.)  They will need to have their Pleasure Craft Operators Certificate (PCOC), be checked out by Gord Cudlipp (or another representative) and sign a liability waiver. 

 There will be a maximum of 15 Club Boat Members, which will give each member at least one week of full time boat use during the prime season from May 15th to September 15th.   Clearly, if there are less than 15 members or the boat is unbooked, it can be signed out, and it will be available all year.

 Gord Cudlipp will be in charge of the Club Boat and he would like to have an open house on Sunday, September 4th 2016.  The boat is in slip F5 at Gibsons Marina.  If you would like to contact Gord to get into the marina or sign up, his mobile phone number is (604)740-7264.      

Hugh Wilson


GORD CUDLIPP - Mobile (604-740-7264)

Club Boat Director

28'  GRAMPIAN - BUILT 1977  -  "DJANGO"

Club Boat Membership - Positions Available

GYC Members can join the Club Boat Membership for $540 for a full year.  
We have two fully equipped sailboats:
 ‘Django, a 28 foot Grampian with new sails, electric windlass, touch screen chart plotter and a 10 hp inboard engine. ‘
‘ Pavlova, ‘ a 26 foot Paceship with new sails, new dodger, Dragonfly chart plotter and an outboard engine with an electric starter.
Club Boat Membership benefits include:
* Shared use of cruising sail boats for a full year.
* No moorage costs.
* No power costs.
* No insurance costs.
* No maintenance costs.
*No fuel costs (if you take a boat out for a day or less).
* Guaranteed one week of prime time ( May 15th - September 15th).
For more information, contact Gord Cudlipp at 604-886-1969 or email gordoutsailing@gmail.com
Gord Cudlipp
Club Boat Program Administrator 
Gibsons Yacht Club 


I am very pleased to report that, thanks to Elaine James, GYC now has a second Club Boat; Pavlova, a 26.5 foot Paceship in great condition.
Pavlova has most of the amenities of a good cruising sailboat and is a very valuable addition to the Club Boat Program.
As a result of this donation, the Club Boat Membership can be expanded by 10 members to bring the total to 25. Also, Mark Evans will be offering free introductory boat handling and sailing instruction to Club Boat Members.
If you have friends that might be interested in joining the Club Boat Program, please let them know that these new slots will probably sell out in January and they should contact Gord Cudlipp as soon as possible.
Thanks again to Elaine for a wonderful Christmas present to the Club Boat Program.

Merry Christmas,